Frequently Asked Questions

Everywhere is an Emirati platform through which you can access your favorite lounge easily. When you book a villa, everywhere provides access to the reservation and other services related to each villa, and a company that is established under the laws of the United Arab Emirates will be responsible for it.
We facilitate reservations for you from a lot of lounges. When you make a reservation on our platform, you enter into a contract with the villa owner (unless otherwise indicated) the information on our platform is based on what the villa owner tells us. We try our best to keep the information up-to-date at all times, however, updating some text descriptions and the list of facilities offered in the accommodations may realistically take some hours. We are also always ready to provide you with the latest offers, promotions, and discounts, and we stand by for your convenience.
We do not buy or sell (resell) any product or service. After your stay is completed, the villa owner pays us the commission. We never charge you any booking fees.
There are two ways you can pay for your reservation:

• That the villa owner charges you in advance. The remaining payment will be made upon arrival at the accommodation.
• That we organize your complete payment process for the villa owner through one of the electronic payment methods available on the platform

If you cancel a reservation or you didn't show up, any cancellation/no-show fees and any refund will depend on the cancellation policy.
The prices displayed on our platform are determined by the villa owner. We may fund bonuses or other benefits from our sources of funding.

When you make a reservation, you agree to pay for the experience of the stay itself and any other costs and taxes that may apply (for example, for any extras). Taxes and fees may vary for various reasons, such as the location of the villa, the type of lounge chosen, and the number of guests. The price description will tell you if any tax and cost are included or excluded. You can find more information about the price when you make your reservation.

Our Platform describes any equipment and facilities offered by villa owners (based on what they tell us). It also tells you how much it will cost, if any.
If you have any questions, or something is not how it’s supposed to go, just contact us. You can do this through our Help Center. We handle complaints as quickly as possible, and give the most urgent ones the highest priority.
After confirming your reservation, the villa owner must comply with it. If the villa owner “overtakes availability” they need to find a solution as soon as possible, but we provide them with practical guidelines and help as well.

In the unlikely event that the villa owner could not provide you with the option you booked and could not offer you a suitable alternative, you can either choose an alternative villa of a similar or better category on our Platform for the same amount (if available) or cancel your booking for free (and a refund of any amount you paid).

As for refunds....
• If the villa owner has arranged your payment, we will do everything we can to ensure that the payment is refunded as quickly as possible.
• If we have arranged your payment, we will refund the amount ourselves. the amount should appear in your account within 10 working days of canceling your reservation, or we check the invoice you send us (to prove that your stay was somewhere else with a higher cost). In any case, if you are staying at an alternate accommodation, please send us your bill so that we can process any refund you are due.
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